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Glorious Sunset 2/3/2021

A slow shutter speed captures the movement of the water as it quickly retreats back into the ocean. A rainbow of colors stretches across the horizon illuminating the coast.

The changing of the sky, color happens quickly and dramatically.

Pink, red, and orange illuminate the sky as it casts it's reflection on the cool wet sand.

The first set-up shot in this sunset series.

The quietness of the color as it slowly retreats back into darkness.


I was not expecting this as we were driving to Linda Lane in San Clemente on the afternoon of February 3, 2021. Clouds were forming but I could see blue in-between the trails. I set up my tripod and started shooting. I wanted to play with longer exposures to try and get a more softer, dreamy feel. I quickly realized that the water looks better retreating back. In order to get this I would click right at the height of the forward advancement. My exposure ranged from .25 of a second to .8, and bring to keep my ISO between 100 and 250.. This night was amazing because the color was constantly changing. I wanted to catch a lot of the sky so I used a wide angle lens, my 14-24mm. I love getting rocks in the foreground as it adds interest to the shot. I hopped around repositioning my tripod several times looking for the best angle for the patterns in the sky at that moment. They say you are lucky to get one good shot per outing but on this particular evening I was fortunate enough to get several shots that I am satisfied with.

Later on that nite we entertained ourselves by looking at everyone commenting about the beautiful sky on instagram and in the news. I wish I knew when that was going to happen again. I guess its good to always keep your batteries charged!


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